About Us

DSCERT offers services for setting up new schools and their management. We also offers taking over schools that are already in operation but have not been able to scale up. We are rapidly expanding in India. As a part of the school management services, Divine Schools provide teacher training, equip classrooms with ICT and other elements of the K-12 programme, invest in upgrading / improving / supplementing existing infrastructure, and is responsible for recruitment and skill enhancement of all teachers.


We engage in every aspect of school operation and offer services relevant to the school requirement. Be it small audit work or a large operating work involving end-to end school management, we offer all kinds of solutions to our erstwhile clients. Our services can be broadly classified into :

1. Recruitment and Training services.

2. Audit Workshops & PIP programmes for schools.

3. End to End School Operations Management.

4. Enhancement of sports facilities to international standards.


1. Broadways International School, Gurugram
2. Stanford British School, Delhi
3. P.S. Public School, Sonepat
4. S.D. Global School, Ghaziabad
5. MID Public School, BulandShahr
6. Nimawat Public School, Rajasthan
7. Nimawat International School, Jaipur
8. Delhi Public World School, Bhatapara, Chhatisgarh
9. Delhi World Public School, Morbi, Gujarat
10. Brilliant Public School, Janjgir, Chhattisgarh
11. The Millennium School, Plwal, Haryana